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The Hickories Park camping operation will open on Monday, April 11, 2022 at 10:00am

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2010 Census- Town of Owego Population including village is 19,883

Village Population is 3,896

Town is 106 Square Miles

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November 2021

Congratulations to the elected and re-elected for the Town of Owego!

Here are the results:

Supervisor Town of Owego:

EDs reported: 18 of 18 100.00%

Ballots: 4,083

Undervotes: 1,073

Overvotes: 1

Double Votes: 5

Donald Castelucci, Jr. (REP, CON) 2,951 98.07%

REP 2,554 84.88%

CON 397 13.19%

Write-in 58 1.93%

Total 3,009 100.00%

Town Clerk

Town of Owego: EDs reported: 18 of 18 100.00%

Ballots: 4,083

Undervotes: 1,017

Overvotes: 0

Double Votes: 0

Mary Kennedy (REP) 3,059 99.77%

Write-in 7 0.23%

Total 3,066 100.00%


Town of Owego: EDs reported: 18 of 18 100.00%

Ballots: 4,083

Undervotes: 1,448

Overvotes: 32

Double Votes: 5

Nancy K. Della Pia (DEM) 1,421 21.25%

Craig Jochum (REP) 2,627 39.29%

Dean A. Morgan (REP, CON) 2,626 39.28%

REP 2,294 34.31%

CON 332 4.97%

Write-in 12 0.18%

Total 6,686 100.00%

Superintendent of Highways

Town of Owego: EDs reported: 18 of 18 100.00%

Ballots: 4,083

Undervotes: 756

Overvotes: 2

Double Votes: 0

Michael A. Roberts (REP) 2,341 70.41%

Write-in 984 29.59%

Total 3,325 100.00%

July 8, 2021

Due to the recent weather events, the Town of Owego is releasing the following statement:

Please use caution when traveling throughout the Town. There are down power lines, trees and other obstacles that could hinder travel. This does not only include vehicular traffic but pedestrian traffic as well. Not all damage is easily visible to residents. Also be aware and use caution driving as several traffic signals are not operational at this time.

NYSEG is diligently working to repair lines and equipment. Power is being restored as quickly as possible. With the major damage to some of the infrastructure due to the high winds and fallen trees, this will take time.


Donald Castellucci, Jr.

Town of Owego Supervisor

Town of Owego Press Release April 15, 2022 Town Resident Yard Waste Drop off Location: Beginning May 1st until further notice, Town of Owego residents will be able to drop off yard waste at the Town’s property located on Kuenzli Road in Apalachin. Located off Main Street in Apalachin, if traveling eastbound, Kuenzli Road is the first right turn after Billings Road or if traveling westbound, it is the first left turn after crossing the Apalachin Creek. Hours will be: 6-8 PM Wednesdays, and 8-1 PM Saturdays. There will be predetermined areas for different materials. What can be dropped off? Tree limbs, brush, branches, grass clippings, leaves (brought in bags) Bags must be emptied and taken away. No garbage of any kind may be left.