What can I submit as proof of residency when applying for certain exemption?

This office accepts various forms of proof of residency such as your driver’s license, or a piece of mail – such as a utility bill – mailed to you at your new address.

Why do I have to submit proof of residency?

The reason why we ask for this is because New York State requires that Star exemptions, veteran’s exemptions, senior exemptions, etc. only be granted on the property where you actually reside, your primary residence.  Many people own multiple properties but only one of them is considered to be your primary residence and is eligible for certain exemptions.

Can I submit my exemption application at any time during the year?

Yes, we collect exemption applications throughout the year.  However, March 1st is the deadline for that year’s assessment file.

I closed on my house but my tax bill still came in the previous owner’s name. Why did this happen?

Each year the Tioga County Office of Real Property Tax Services uses our assessment file to print the Village, school, and Town & County tax bills.  The printing is done about 3-4 weeks before the bills are mailed out.  If the deed for the property is filed close to the time of the printing, there isn’t enough time to get the files updated so that the new owner’s name appears on the bill.  Always feel free to contact this office if you have a question about your property records.


What should I do if my dog is missing?

Contact Dog Control ASAP. If we are closed please leave a message with a description of the dog, last place dog was seen, and a contact number. Dog Control’s number is 607-687-0123 Dept #5

How do I license my dog?

Town residents only may stop in at the Town Clerks Office with your dog’s current rabies certificate or download and fill out license application online and mail it with payment and current rabies certificate to the Clerk’s Office. Prices are $10.50 for altered dogs and $17.50 for un-altered dogs

I found a dog. Now what?

Click here to view our Found a Dog Pamphlet

I think an animal is not being properly cared for or mistreated.

Contact the Cruelty Officer at Stray Haven Humane society (607)565-2859 or contact Law Enforcement

Do you handle complaints about or pick up cats?

No, we only handle complaints with dogs.  If you have a wildlife question, please contact the NYSDEC Cortland Office at 800-388-8244.

Do you handle nuisance wildlife complaints?

Call Dog Control as soon as you realize that your dog is missing.  If we are closed, leave a voicemail with a description of the dog, where you last saw your dog and a contact phone number.  Town of Owego Dog Control’s phone number is (607) 687-0123 Dept# 5

What do I do if I suspect an animal is sick or rabid?

Call the Heath Dept. and local Law Enforcement


Snow Removal

The safety of our citizens is of the utmost importance to the Highway Department.  Our goal is to clear the roads in a timely manner.  All roads should be free of vehicles and/or other obstructions during a snow and ice event.   In order to do this, all vehicles and or other obstructions should be off roadways during a snow and or ice event. Your cooperation helps us to clear the roads safely and efficiently.

Mailbox Damage

If your mailbox is damaged by a Town of Owego Highway Department vehicle and/or piece of equipment, it is the policy of the Town of Owego to reimburse a homeowner up to $30.00 for any damages to their mailbox.  If your mailbox has been damaged, you will need to submit a voucher form Voucher (PDF) along with a receipt showing the repairs and/or replacement of your mailbox.  Write your name and address beside “Claimant’s Name and Address”, sign the voucher under the “Claimant’s Certification” section; then return the voucher and receipt to the Town of Owego Highway Department, 70 Delphine Street, Owego, NY 13827

Street Light Outage

To report a light out or a flickering light, please contact Town of Owego 607-972-6077

Gravel Pit

The Town of Owego maintains two gravel pits: one on Route 38, Owego and the other one on Pennsylvania Avenue, Apalachin. We keep equipment and materials in both pits. The Town of Owego does not give away materials (salt/sand) to the general public. The Apalachin gravel pit is closed to the public. The Owego gravel pit is open Monday – Thursday, 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., during the summer months and Monday – Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., during the winter months. We would appreciate it if you would contact our office first before going to the Owego gravel pit

Dead Animals

Should you see a dead deer along the road, please contact our office and we will make arrangements to dispose of it. We do not dispose of other animals.

Driveway Permits

The Highway Department installs and maintains driveway pipes.  In order to have a driveway pipe installed, you will need to obtain a driveway permit.  Please contact our office to obtain the permit.  The fee is $25.00.  The permittee must purchase the pipe and make arrangements to have it delivered to the driveway site.  Once the pipe is delivered, the Highway Department will make the necessary arrangements to install it.  These arrangements include contacting Dig Safely New York to make certain there are no underground cables at the dig site.  Once we receive clearance, we can safely install the pipe.


Do you take reservations for camping?

No. First come, first served.

Are dogs allowed in the park?

Yes.  Keep them on a leash and clean up after them.

Do you take credit cards?

No.  Cash or personal checks only.

What is there to do at the Hickories?

Paved roads for Walking, Running, and Biking – Camping – Pavilion rentals – Soccer/Athletic fields – Playground – Public boat launch – Fishing access.


Who do I contact for recycling and what is the phone number?

Southern Tier Recyclers 687-6710 or 1-800-927-2323 for a new bin

What are the local trash pick –up companies?

Taylor Garbage 797-5277

Hanbury 687-3865

Lee’s Sanitary 659-7520

Owego Sanitation 687-3283

Where are my divorce papers filed?

County Clerk

Where do I get a business license or DBA?

County Clerk

Does NYS require documentation for on-line ordained wedding officiants?


Where is the Water/Utility department located?

Where is the Water/Utility department located?

When are taxes due?

Town & County – January 31st, Village – August 31st, School- October 31st

How can I get copies of my school tax receipts?

Call your district or go to www.taxlookup.net and follow the prompts

How can I register to vote or get an absentee ballot?

Contact the Board of Elections

When are the Town Board meetings?

1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month

How do I rent a pavilion at Hickories Park?

Contact the Planning and Zoning Department at 687-0123 Ext# 6

How do I sign up for Hunter Education courses?

Contact Cooperative Extension

Phone numbers:

County Treasurer 687-8670

County Clerk 687-8660

DMV 687-8250

Village Clerk 687-3555

School Taxes –  Owego-Apalachin 687-6317, Newark Valley 642-3221, Vestal & Union Endicott 786-8554 Ext#. 202 or Ext# 243

Post Offices Owego 687-0661, Apalchin 625-2414

Board of Elections 687-8261

Family Court 687-1730

Social Services 687-8300

Chamber of Commerce 687-2020

Cooperative Extension 687-4020


How do I contact the District Attorney’s Office?

If you wish to discuss a possible disposition regarding a traffic violation you may click here. Click on “Traffic Reductions” to the left to access the instructions and application.

Does the court accept credit card payments?

The court does not have a card reader but credit card payments can be made online and/or a toll free phone number. There is a service fee for either service. If you use the website the internet service fee is 3.5% (Minimum $3.50) Phone service Fee is 5% (Minimum $5.00). You will also have to know the PLC (Pay Location Code) for the judge who assessed the fine. For the Hon. John Schumacher the PLC is 5462 For the Hon. Patrick Hogan the PLC is 5463.

What is the surcharge?

The surcharge is mandatory and imposed by New York State on each traffic violation conviction. The surcharge on all moving violations, which includes speeding tickets, is $93. The surcharge on equipment violations is $63.

What is the basis for a small claims case?

The person being sued in a small claims case must reside, work or have a place of business in the Town of Owego, which includes the village. It must be a verifiable Town of Owego address and it cannot be a post office box. If the amount you are suing for $1000 or less, the filing fee is $10; if it is between $1001 and $3000 the filling fee is $15. Hearings in a small claims case are scheduled for at least three weeks from the filing date. Small claims hearings are always held on Thursday – either at 10:00 A.M. or 2:00 P.M.


Do you take payments online or over the phone?

Yes we take online payments https://logicsolbp.com/townofowego/login.aspx  payment processing fee will apply).  We do not accept payments over the phone.

My bank doesn’t show the payment I made 2 weeks ago.

Please call the Clerk’s office directly.

Can I not pay the penalties as I’ve never been late before?

No. You can address concerns in writing to the Town Board.

What are capital charges?

They are fund capital improvements (many are mandated).

I do not understand my bill.

Click here to preview a sample bill. Then call our office for an explanation.