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A Word from our town Supervisor

The Town of Owego is located in Tioga County, in the Southern Tier and was established in 1800. It has a tradition rich in Indian heritage. Owego is the largest Town in the County and the Village of Owego is the County seat. The Town is divided into the north and south sides by The Susquehanna River. While most days that is a nice attraction, in 2006 and 2011 the area was hit by devastating floods. There are several hamlets located within its borders which give its residents several community identities throughout the town.

The Town has a history rich in agriculture and farming.  Within the Town there are many small businesses and corporations.  Most notable are the small shops and stores located in the Village as well as CYNOG, a natural gas storage facility, a state of the art recycling center and Lockheed Martin the area’s largest private employer. Lockheed Martin along with its partner Sikorsky was just awarded a large contract to build the next generation of presidential helicopters. The Lockheed facility has been instrumental in many national defense priorities over the past few decades. It is a proud moment for our community and its many hard working employees to be associated with many important national objectives.

One of the most famous incidents in Town history happened in Apalachin, November 14, 1957. A meeting was held at the home of Joseph Barbara Sr. along with over 50 other Mafia leaders. The FBI and police raided the meeting dispersing many attendees into the woods. When the day was over several individuals were arrested and prosecuted locally.

There is always something to do in the Town and we cater to all ages. Tioga Downs Racino is just 15 minutes away! There are summer reading programs at the libraries, art walks, farmers markets, musical entertainment for children and adults, our children’s summer camp is held at Waterman Conservation Center and the famous Strawberry Festival that attracts over 20,000 people annually. We have well organized sports leagues, travel and local, that showcases our youths’ talents on the sports fields. The Tioga County Historical Museum and the refurbished Tioga County Veteran’s War Memorial are a must see. Kayaking, water skiing and fishing are all part of the Town experience as well.

I hope this short insight into the Town of Owego will encourage you to stop by and enjoy what the residents here get to experience each day. The peaceful balance of rural, residential and business neighborhoods combined with many activities for all to experience which makes the Town of Owego a great place to live. If you have the opportunity to drop in, join us!

Thank you,

Donald Castellucci, Jr.

Town Supervisor